Pine River Sports Man Club

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pineriver shooting fees

                                                                          Shooting Fees-Junior Shooter

$6.00 - 2 rounds of trap

$5.00 - trophy fee

$11.00 - per week

practice rounds $3.00 ea.


Everone mst become a member of Pine River Sportsman's club to shoot the winter league.

$16.00 per year for a new junior member.

$15.00 for a current member renewal.

                                                                                 NRA patch program

League and Practice rounds of trap will count toward the patch program as long as they are shop from the 16-yard line.

                                                                                         Bank Shoot

You can bank a score to use for illness or an unforseen emergancy. You will pay $6.00 for 2 rounds. in the event that you wish to use it, you will pay your trophy fee of $5.00. If it is not used, it wil be considered as 2 practice rounds.